Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Things I made today

I bought the picture at a local discount store for $8.00 I glued on a lot of shells and marbles to cover up the scratched frame.

My husband made this chest 20 years ago. I painted it white, took off the old brass hardware and glued on the shells. I stapled and glued on the foam and fabric, then covered a pillow that I had on my bed, leaving the tassels showing.

I glued shells and marbles on the lamp shade to match.

I redecorated my bedroom for the 19th time! My newly remodled bathroom inspired me to change the bedroom to match. I have a lot of shells from Mexico and Hawaii, collected over the years, and today, they were put to good use! Finished everything in three hours!!!

Still had time to stay outside most of the day.


No Rain said...

Quite impressive!

Hawk woman said...

So beautiful. Love Turr tull too!