Saturday, February 23, 2008

Determined Tomato

I've had this tomato plant for six months now. The tomatoes just started ripening this week. I've forgotten what variety this is, but the tomatoes are small. Perhaps it's some variety of cherry tomato. I'm now glad I didn't pull it up in January when it started to look droopy and the leaves looked crispy! I didn't plant it in a good location--I don't have a lot of room from which to choose. Next time I will try to find a better spot.

I fill every nook and cranny of my garden with flowers, so I never have room to try any other vegetables. I have tried a few herbs, mixed in with my flowers, but they didn't last very long. Some day I might get out of my comfort zone and try something different. Right now, I think I will just swing and enjoy this warm and sunny early spring day!


O said...

I can't wait to put these in a salad. Nothing better than home grown!

Pudgeduck said...

O- How can I get these to you? I will share!!!!!!!!!