Saturday, April 13, 2013

Arizona Spring

I had the last post almost ready to publish...bam! pictures post -words were gone without me touching a thing. I'm somewhat afraid to compose my blog..... no telling what might show up and you find out about me! LOL --Will try again.....
 This morning's sunrise.

Lolly Bee never barks at any birds that come to the back yard..occasionally she will bark at a dog walking by, but she is not a yapper or snapper! Not sure how she would react to the bobcats that have been roaming the neighborhood! Game and fish told me not to worry-they said they don't bother people and they do a great job keeping the mice and rabbit population down, the only thing to worry about is if you have a small dog, like a chihuahua...
--HELLO that's why I'm calling!-- their advise--- just don't let her out of your sight!  She is not allowed outside without me!  More quail  have been on  the view fence-guess they are were more afraid of Lolly than the bobcats!!


Texas Olive tree - No fruit-just beautiful clusters of flowers blooming all spring and summer.
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Lupine-only had two come up in my heavily planted wildflower bed. Someday I will force myself not to over plant or at least thin some.
Loving the view's from the swing!
 Shirley Poppies-popping up all over!

Lolly watching every move I make in the garden-she loves the swing as much as I do!!!!