Friday, January 21, 2011


This past month has been a whirlwind of activities! I'm exhaling--finally!!! Christmas brought all my family together for what seems for just a brief moment. Army Grandson, along with NC Granddaughter and great grandson, were all here in Arizona to say our goodbye before his deployment.

My two daughters, granddaughter and I flew to Kentucky to see my grandson off to Afghanistan, and then drive his truck and belongings to NC for storage. Seems the Army charges the soldiers storage fees for their belongings, so we didn't see much sense in wasting money like that. After helping him pack at least 90 days of supplies in 4 small bags--we went to the base to see him off. It was very dramatic seeing mothers and fathers leaving their small children, families letting go....
Watching through old eyes,this poignant occasion gave me quite a jolt, as these young soldiers looked to be about 15 years old! Our well trained, courageous soldiers deserve, at the least, daily prayers from all Americans who believe in a higher power!

Goodbyes were hard and I will keep this moment in my heart forever.

Just that quick we were off into the cold, driving straight through to NC on icy roads.

I think this is somewhere in Tennessee--no way to know as there's not much difference in scenery, just snow, ice, cold!

We made it to NC in 8 hours--my daughter driving the whole way without a hitch!
NC wasn't as cold but with as much snow on the ground. I'm so blessed to live in this hot, dry desert wearing only shorts and sandals! I hate-, just hate, being constricted under piles of clothing, with scarves wrapped around my neck choking me, and gloves--I couldn't even dial a phone! But then, a welcome distraction!
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Ryder!!!!!!!!!!! He welcomed us with a big smile! After a few days visit, grounded planes and layovers, we made it home!
Welcome back to the "simple" distractions of everyday life. All these big events in my twilight years have taught me that I can handle much more than I ever thought I could! I think I need a little dog to keep me distracted from life's worries. Bet my sister will say "You are just trading worries--better think about the implications and hourly responsibilities of having a pet. Pay attention, don't be impulsive." I'm going to the pound tomorrow....!