Saturday, April 30, 2016

Arizona Springtime

 Spring time in Arizona is my idea of heaven on earth! It has been long lasting this year. Today is only 66~small amount of rain. It won't last though it always hits 100 in May and keeps climbing through July.
Blooming in my garden....Red Aloe
Santa Rita
Shirley Poppy
Torch Cactus

Thompson grape
Artificial Grass~~~best decision of all time! Wish I would have done this years ago.

Tuesday, January 5, 2016


Saudade= where I am at the moment. Trying to find my place in my world. Saudade. If I ever have a desire for a tattoo, this is the word that I would use. I guess I would place it on the ring finger- it's about the only place that hasn't  or won't sag as the rest of  my body has in the past few years. Sau-da-de~Is the nostalgia when you are missing/longing/yearning for something or someone that is gone (or happened), a lingering memory....I am not in a depression-but that feeling is always hanging around. I feel sad that my Sister didn't see her only Grandchild get married or become a great Grand mother.That Hubby also missed so much already. Soon I will experience being alone in my home. Children will have moved on and another change that I will have to deal with. In a funny way I am looking forward to finding out just how I will handle it all.....