Friday, September 19, 2014


                                                                On Sept 4, 2014, I lost my husband of 38 years. He fought the battle of cancer for 5 years. It was bittersweet, losing him, but wanting his suffering to stop...... A well attended memorial, he would have been humbled by it all. Don was the only person I have ever known to always speak the truth, he never wore a mask, and he was what you saw. A man of many talents, a decent man, but most important, he had common sense. I loved him and he loved me.
                                                                 I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith. 11Timothy 3-7

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Sleep over.....

Loving Monsoon season!
 I found this in my drafts. Never got around to publish it.  Sister had just lost her Hubby and was having a hard time after his death. She would stay with me when the grief became hard for her to bear.. 
Sis spent the night -first time in over 50 years- she found out how I really live. I am a closet hoarder-there I said it!! She told me it was time  to get organized!! Now how she expects a 69 yr. old dyslexic, scattered, ADHD person to change is beyond me! I always wanted to be able to know where anything I needed would be in a proper place. Believe me I have tried, but always get so stressed I have to take a break .Most breaks lasted years..  She should have worked on me years sooner!  We stared in the kitchen and this is what came out of my top cabinet's. 
 All this on the counter tops and island have been stored for years. At the least, 99 % of the stuff was never used. She ask why I keep all these things . Some of the things I just liked, were old, belonged to my Grandmother, some were gifts and others were just a darn good bargain. She told me that each piece that I wanted to keep, had to be displayed and if not then I had to  get rid of it! That is how I was able to give it up. I didn't find any that I really wanted to keep out except a sugar jar. I loved this little jar. I kept it on display for a few days. I got tired of looking at it, didn't match my d├ęcor, but couldn't make myself  donate it, so I  hid it on the top shelf in the very back where she wouldn't see it. Think of that, only one piece out of all the mess that I wanted to keep! This is going to be fun after all! It sure felt like a huge burden lifted from me-a burden I never knew existed!
The plan was her coming back to finish my whole house but her death got in the way.......

Saturday, July 12, 2014

A little of this~~~~A little of that~~~

 No soil, not much water-maybe next year the snapdragons will come up in all
 the cracks on the patio!
Lolly Bee and Buddy Dee wanting to get away from all the pollen.
Love my desert museum palo
verde  tree even though the yard and patio are filled with yellow blooms.

 Grand son home safe from Afghanistan!!!!!!!!!  Prayers answered!!!!
 Not getting outside much. Hubby has finished all options for fighting his cancer. Hospice nurse comes to our home twice a week....... .

Tuesday, May 20, 2014


Sunset at Estrella 
I love this picture of my newest great granddaughter. My sister didn't get to meet her, but she did know what her name would be and the date she would be born. I met her the day my sister passed away. 

Thursday, November 7, 2013


With great sadness and a broken heart, I come to tell you that my sister Aiyana passed away September 27, 2013. You know by her very popular blog ( Water When Dry) ironically  her last post entry was  titled -Time to say Goodbye.  She died of complications from surgery. Sadly her beloved husband passed away four months earlier. My sister was two years older that me and that made her "THE BOSS."  I depended on her for the answers to all my life's questions.  She became a expert in everything that interested her and that was almost everything!  Our family is still in the denial stage- after all, she was "larger than life"- how could this happen????.   
To everything there is a season,
A time for every purpose under the heaven:
A time to be born, and a time to die;

Friday, August 9, 2013


I watched a video on Facebook about Buddy. He is 7years old, NO TEETH, 3lbs., potty trained, gets along well with children and other dogs.  Buddy---that was my sign! I had said in the passed that Lolly Bee needed a buddy. She expects me to play toys with her throughout the day and even wants me to lay on the floor while she eats her treats!!! I make all my plans around her and sometime run out of groceries because she can't go into the store with me. I know we created this little person but it has to come to an end!  So enter Buddy. Great little dog, learned to use the doggie door in two tries, but they won't play together!!!!!! They don't fight-just tolerate each other. Guess what? Now I have twice the problem!!!! I am laying on the floor playing with two- at least Buddy doesn't have me on the floor for treats-he can't chew!. Now what?????
Good bye to TURR TULL
This past winter we put a lot of time and money into a great house for Turr Tull. This was the 4th or 8th location for a home on my postage-size lot. He always dug out, mostly ended up on the patio or dug holes in all the wrong places. He wouldn't even go inside this last place. He hated it!!! Never knew why. I found him under a slotted bench in the rain and the first freeze of the season. I put him in his dry home with a roof and porch-he left immediately

and  crawled back to the exposed area. After a few tries I finally I put him in a box in the garage for the rest of the winter. I don't have any place left to try to fix him another home, so we decided to give him to a friend that has acreage, and is all set up for turtles plus she only lives a few miles away. He will be very well taken care of. It was a sad day. Changes are suppose to be good for you, keeps the  mind young, but.... I'm not liking many of the changes that have come my way the past few years! In fact, it has the opposite effect- it's making me OLD!!!

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Bathroom Remodel

Another  beautiful  sunset!! 
Another project!!!!!!! This is a big one!!!!! I have a small rental-  two bedroom one bath old, old house. In fact it was built in 1929- a Spanish-Mission style. I lived in the home off and on for a lot of years. I bought it from my Dad when I was about twenty years old..  Over the years  family and friends have lived there. I rented it out for many years without having to do much maintenance. I kept the rent very low so I was never bothered for repairs. My renter of 23 years kept the place livable and always paid on time. The last two renters never bothered with maintenance.  Well, now it is time for major projects!! Hubby is on his 4th round of chemo, but still loves to have a project to work on, so I gave him the biggest one yet!!!!! He started on the bathroom tearing out everything.  We will have new plumbing, a new window, new-used tub and sink, new lighting fixture, newly tiled floor and shower/tub surround. Next will be the kitchen and new flooring in the living room/hall. The time has come to sell the old home as we don't have the wherewithal or inclination needed to keep it rented.  We have been on the project for 4 months and even with help it looks like another 3 months. This round of chemo is kicking butt and keeping the work schedule to just a few days a week. Hubby is amazing as he keeps on keeping on! He will stay on chemo for 2 more months and that should give us another year in remission!  The house is off the ground about 2 feet and as you can see, he took out all the flooring!!!What a job!!!! 
A gorgeous ending to a wonderful day......