Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Number Three

Little Braylee born July 29th 2012. My third great grandchild.

I have kept up my walking routine despite our recording breaking heat wave! August and September brings many birthday parties and it's impossible to lose weight. My goal is to maintain my current weight! 
This beautiful sunset greeted me as I stepped out my front door for my evening walk.
I dropped my camera-landed on the zoom lens and this is as far as the lens opens! Another new camera! I seem to break one each year! I still am having trouble with this new format--two pictures disappeared! I guess at my age changes aren't easy--unless it is  a change in my house! We had a window seat almost completed around my kitchen bay window and then I realized the lighting fixture would be off center and I would need to buy another table. Major expense so had to nix the idea. After Hubby tore it all out and patched the wall he decided to go back to work before I could get another project going!  Each time he says it is the LAST TIME for any new projects. Well we both know better so  it will just take longer to complete on his days off.