Monday, March 19, 2012

Lolly Bee

Hello! I'm trying to get Pudgeduck to update her blog!
I think I'm making progress.......

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

I'm In A Good Place!

My potted sweet peas have bloomed! I'm a happy camper! They smell sooooo good!!!!

Hallelujah! The grape vine is alive after all! It was my first time pruning and I thought for sure I had killed it. I have this planted on the gated arbor leading to the secret garden. Turr Tull lives back there along with the fairies. Flagstone is being used to make a pathway to the potting table hidden at the back wall. A large bird of paradise shades Turr Tull's home, and trailing rosemary covers the top. Someday I will plant a small patch of grass next to his house and replace the back yard with artificial grass. will take a long time to save $4000!

First poppy to bloom! Not enough rain fell this past winter or early spring to have many (if any) wildflowers in the desert.

This time of the year the fairy duster is at its best. It is in full bloom and beautiful! I have this one planted in my desert-landscaped front yard.

Daffodils are blooming in the wildflower bed. They are shooting up all over! Gosh, I don't remember planting them there!

Very excited to go to NC this weekend! I am taking some Nutrisystem food with me--I love the NINE pounds that I have lost so far and then thinking about pounds I'm going to while I'm there. My granddaughter is now a walker so I will keep up my exercise while I'm there. I'm back to walking around the lake--1-1/2 miles four days per week. This is pretty good after sitting on my a--, and not moving for a year! I'm trying to get in shape for my 70's. I'm on the back side of 67, so I have couple years to get in tip top shape to face my winter years.