Saturday, November 28, 2009


Perfect ending to a perfect Thanksgiving day!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thanksgiving Greetings


Sis and I spotted this prickly pear species at the recent community yard sale. It wasn't for sale but we asked for a cutting and paid 50 cents each. I planted it next to my Santa Rita and Teddy Bear cactus. I like the varied greens together.

My daughter's fig tree is loaded once again. She has about three a day that are ripe enough to eat. I have at least one of those a day, sometimes I'm lucky and get two!

~ In bloom ~



MMMMMMMM, my Kale is going into my weekly soup. I pick a few leaves each day! I love gardening, my flowers, and Thanksgiving ! I am thankful for
my shower of many blessings!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Trucks, Gnomes and Rocks, All In One Post!

How much longer will this old truck last? We can't afford a payment, so we are hoping for a long, long time!

My grandson-in-law is a die-hard Bronco fan. The whole family, including the one-month old baby boy, all dress in bronco jerseys every game day. So...when he saw this NFL Bronco football/old granny garden gnome, he immediately thought of me and got me an early Christmas gift! I quickly found a perfect spot for her. She is so cute. My grand kids call me Minnie, and this little Minnie Me will be watching over my garden at night. I don't look this grannyfied but I still think of it as a Minnie Me. I keep the back gate locked so no one can come in, so I don't think she will be kidnapped. I know there are people out there that want to free the gnomes but Minnie Me will be well cared for, living among the flowers.

I painted a few rocks to fill in the empty spots in the flower garden. In just one month every empty space has been filled in and eventually all the rocks go into a bucket till next year.


I'm having Thanksgiving dinner at my house this year and we will eat at a table outside with all the flowers in bloom around us. I will pick up my fresh organic turkey the day before Thanksgiving while the house is being cleaned, and while I get my hair done! Everyone will bring a dish, so I will have plenty of time! It should be a perfect 76 degrees outside. I can't wait!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Beautiful Arizona Fall

What a beautiful time of the year! I love my garden and get so excited watching everything grow. It will only get better over the next few months, unless global warming is a hoax and everything freezes!

I couldn't resist these potted poppies I spotted at Lowe's last week. Hope they last for a while. I planted them next to the Orange Jubilee.

My friend made this beautiful stepping stone for my birthday a couple years ago. It fits my new garden area perfectly.

I transplanted the nasturtiums into this new planter that I bought from QVC. In fact, I bought two sets and they are filled! They should be stunning when mature.

This is all the radishes I could save from the one seed pack that I planted. They were tasty! I want more, but each day I would find so many eaten, as shown in the next photo.


A fellow Master Gardener gave me the answer as to what could be eating the radishes! He said that cut worms come out at night to feed. So...I waited till dark, and with flashlight in hand, I found three worms. I didn't see any of them eating, though. Still hard to believe that they eat just the radishes-not the roots or leaves. So far the carrots and kale have not been touched. I think I will turn this space into more flower beds!!!!! Less stress and disappointment for sure!


Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Disappearing Cotton Field of Home and Other Stuff...

One of the last fields of cotton in our area is ready to be picked. Our cotton crops have dwindled in Arizona over the past few decades. We used to be known by the Three Cs--Cotton, Copper, and Citrus. Sadly, those days are gone. Of course, we still have all three, but they are no longer the major deals they used to be. Texas grows the most cotton in the USA, with China being the largest grower in the world and USA is the third. We have 18,600 cotton farms in the USA.

We drove "the back way " to Prescott yesterday. I was hoping to see some changing of the leaves, but we were a week late for the area. The wind was the true culprit, not the climate. It's not a pretty time of the year for the desert this year with so little rain. Everything looks dried up and dead. After seeing such a barrenness, I wondered why we decided to go after all. But, I needed something new to post about as my blog entries have been suffering as of late. Seems everything I post is just repeats! Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I live a boring life. Not complaining, I'm just sayin', this frivolous information is mostly to let fellow bloggers know that I am alive and well...and happy!!!

Heavenly bamboo is turning a heavenly shade of red. I have planted a few of these over the years--they only last one season in my garden. This photo was taken in the Prescott area.

My friend couldn't remember the flower name (noteworthy info--she is only 42!) Which makes me wonder, maybe my forgetfulness is not due to age after all! But then, I hear the voice of my sister saying "You just don't pay attention--face facts--you just want attention--stop whining--do crosswords--write it down--keep you mind busy--etc, etc. So, keeping my mind is another reason to keep on blogging!

I think I might know the culprit that's eating my radishes! A lizard? Hubby saw one running along the wall and it makes sense in my mind! I decided to leave them growing just to find out! (My sis told me two weeks ago it was probably a lizard and I dismissed her. Boy, I'll hear about that now!)

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Forget the Hummers--I'm done!

I found this cute little two pack humming bird feeders at Lowe's for $7.99. After the hummingbird feeder fiasco last year, I thought the small ones would keep away the large birds. After seeing all the hummingbirds around my yard this fall, I decided to try the new one next to my swing--hoping to get a close up photo.

It's there hanging on the left. I stay on my swing most of the winter and with this view you can see why I swing my winters away! I waited for hours--and nothing! I keep my camera on, focused, and ready to go. Nothing...but then, history repeats itself...

In just a few hours this is what I get once again! Bees and ants, and even a wasp stopped by, but I was right about the woodpecker, he never showed up! I'm through with this! No more hummingbird feeders. The hummers will have to settle for flower nectar, just as nature intended!!

I check the radishes numerous times throughout the day and I still can't see what is eating up my radish crop! Whatever it is, they work fast. I pick them at various stages and they already have signs of chewing! I even used a magnifying glass to see if any "no-see-ums" were there, but nothing. Oh well, I guess I will pull them all up and wait for the carrots and kale to mature.