Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Beautiful Arizona Fall

What a beautiful time of the year! I love my garden and get so excited watching everything grow. It will only get better over the next few months, unless global warming is a hoax and everything freezes!

I couldn't resist these potted poppies I spotted at Lowe's last week. Hope they last for a while. I planted them next to the Orange Jubilee.

My friend made this beautiful stepping stone for my birthday a couple years ago. It fits my new garden area perfectly.

I transplanted the nasturtiums into this new planter that I bought from QVC. In fact, I bought two sets and they are filled! They should be stunning when mature.

This is all the radishes I could save from the one seed pack that I planted. They were tasty! I want more, but each day I would find so many eaten, as shown in the next photo.


A fellow Master Gardener gave me the answer as to what could be eating the radishes! He said that cut worms come out at night to feed. So...I waited till dark, and with flashlight in hand, I found three worms. I didn't see any of them eating, though. Still hard to believe that they eat just the radishes-not the roots or leaves. So far the carrots and kale have not been touched. I think I will turn this space into more flower beds!!!!! Less stress and disappointment for sure!



Claude said...

Cut worms are evil vile things... Maybe that lizard you saw was trying to eat them for you... They're really very picky about what they attack though... I have to worry about them eating the buds of my Amaryllis... no matter what it is, they do seem to bypass the leaves of anything in general.

But fortunately, everything else seems to be doing well... love the nasturtium planter.

Julie said...

Tht planer is awesome! I will have to check them out on QVC! The poppy is such a pretty shade of yellow! I agree with you regarding vegetable gardening...so many times it is disappointing! I am sticking with banana and cubanelle peppers...they are a lot of fun and do so well. I am amazed at how mine are producing! Throw a few of these in your garden and you will be so happy!!!

It looks like Thanksgiving will be at my house this year...a lot of folks...hope they will all fit in my little hut!!!