Saturday, November 21, 2009

Trucks, Gnomes and Rocks, All In One Post!

How much longer will this old truck last? We can't afford a payment, so we are hoping for a long, long time!

My grandson-in-law is a die-hard Bronco fan. The whole family, including the one-month old baby boy, all dress in bronco jerseys every game day. So...when he saw this NFL Bronco football/old granny garden gnome, he immediately thought of me and got me an early Christmas gift! I quickly found a perfect spot for her. She is so cute. My grand kids call me Minnie, and this little Minnie Me will be watching over my garden at night. I don't look this grannyfied but I still think of it as a Minnie Me. I keep the back gate locked so no one can come in, so I don't think she will be kidnapped. I know there are people out there that want to free the gnomes but Minnie Me will be well cared for, living among the flowers.

I painted a few rocks to fill in the empty spots in the flower garden. In just one month every empty space has been filled in and eventually all the rocks go into a bucket till next year.


I'm having Thanksgiving dinner at my house this year and we will eat at a table outside with all the flowers in bloom around us. I will pick up my fresh organic turkey the day before Thanksgiving while the house is being cleaned, and while I get my hair done! Everyone will bring a dish, so I will have plenty of time! It should be a perfect 76 degrees outside. I can't wait!


Anonymous said...

Some used bucket trucks lasts for a year, but sometimes it depends on it's capacity and quality.

Aiyana said...

How old is the truck?

Pudgeduck said...

Aiyana- The truck is a 1994 Chevy. It was stolen once, recovered and cost us $3,000. to get it back to running.They recovered it 4 days later at a chop shop.Of course they didn't catch the rotten thieves!