Saturday, February 19, 2011

My favorite flower bloomed a few days before Valentine Day. I asked Hubby not to buy me flowers as nothing could top the first blooms of my sweet peas! SO instead.......He bought me a little chihuahua! He fell in love with the picture of her posted on the local store bulletin board.

She is 7 weeks old and fits into the palm of my hand. The seller cried when he paid and picked her up. Told him she would give his money back for up to a month if we didn't like her (Sounds like my daughter!) As soon as he brought her home we headed to Pet Mart to purchase food and necessary puppy paraphernalia. I'm not sure how anyone can afford a pet!!! Puppy pads--$7.99 for 10! Dry dog food--$16.99 for 6 lbs! I wanted a tiny dog carrier--$49 and up! She is so small she need a ferret collar and carrier! I think I need to visit Wal-Mart and compare prices. Her little bed was $15.99!! What about Vet bills? But wait... none of that matters as we are totally in LOVE with her and I'll just have to get over it! Little Lolly has already earned her keep--little hearts are floating out of her eyes when she looks up at me....ahhhhh!