Saturday, July 27, 2013

Bathroom Remodel

Another  beautiful  sunset!! 
Another project!!!!!!! This is a big one!!!!! I have a small rental-  two bedroom one bath old, old house. In fact it was built in 1929- a Spanish-Mission style. I lived in the home off and on for a lot of years. I bought it from my Dad when I was about twenty years old..  Over the years  family and friends have lived there. I rented it out for many years without having to do much maintenance. I kept the rent very low so I was never bothered for repairs. My renter of 23 years kept the place livable and always paid on time. The last two renters never bothered with maintenance.  Well, now it is time for major projects!! Hubby is on his 4th round of chemo, but still loves to have a project to work on, so I gave him the biggest one yet!!!!! He started on the bathroom tearing out everything.  We will have new plumbing, a new window, new-used tub and sink, new lighting fixture, newly tiled floor and shower/tub surround. Next will be the kitchen and new flooring in the living room/hall. The time has come to sell the old home as we don't have the wherewithal or inclination needed to keep it rented.  We have been on the project for 4 months and even with help it looks like another 3 months. This round of chemo is kicking butt and keeping the work schedule to just a few days a week. Hubby is amazing as he keeps on keeping on! He will stay on chemo for 2 more months and that should give us another year in remission!  The house is off the ground about 2 feet and as you can see, he took out all the flooring!!!What a job!!!! 
A gorgeous ending to a wonderful day......