Saturday, June 22, 2013

Gifts from the Heart

Sunset 5-13
                                           My friend Betty made this beautiful throw for me. I  have been friends with Betty for over 60 years! Each square takes 6 hours to complete.  She has a special machine that I don't understand! I never learned to sew on a machine and never had a desire to learn. She made it for my California king size bed. Now that's a lot of work and time!!!!
Each panel  is a different color and pattern. I love it! Who does that? Such a special gift from the heart!

I met Bobbie 13 years ago just as she started selling her stained glass pieces.  She is a multi talented artist and her latest creation is the beaded, embroidered fairy pillow she made for my birthday. I know the many hours that took her to complete. I don't have the talent or patience for such things and I highly admire her many talents.  I cherish both their friendships and their gifts from the heart. Thank You!