Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thanksgiving Greetings


Sis and I spotted this prickly pear species at the recent community yard sale. It wasn't for sale but we asked for a cutting and paid 50 cents each. I planted it next to my Santa Rita and Teddy Bear cactus. I like the varied greens together.

My daughter's fig tree is loaded once again. She has about three a day that are ripe enough to eat. I have at least one of those a day, sometimes I'm lucky and get two!

~ In bloom ~



MMMMMMMM, my Kale is going into my weekly soup. I pick a few leaves each day! I love gardening, my flowers, and Thanksgiving ! I am thankful for
my shower of many blessings!

Happy Thanksgiving!


Chris said...

I pick a bunch of kale today too!

Julie said...

Love all your prickly pears! Neat having all the colors together like that!

I fertilized my hibiscus about 1 month ago and they are finally blooming wildly!!! It's great!

I think I need a red geranium! Maybe Friday I will get myself over to get one! They are so beautiful...maybe I can put it in a pot by the front door!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!

Hawk woman said...

Glad to see you posting again. Using your tripod???

Claude said...

I like the Prickly pears, of course, that one looks like a "cow tounge" There are some huge ones growing around in a semi-wild state here. I should probably get a pic.

Aiyana said...

I'm gonna be pissed if this is a Cow's Tongue Opuntia because I also have a pad from the same seller. I already have one good sized stand. This just looked different enough for me to get a pad.