Saturday, April 13, 2013

Arizona Spring

I had the last post almost ready to publish...bam! pictures post -words were gone without me touching a thing. I'm somewhat afraid to compose my blog..... no telling what might show up and you find out about me! LOL --Will try again.....
 This morning's sunrise.

Lolly Bee never barks at any birds that come to the back yard..occasionally she will bark at a dog walking by, but she is not a yapper or snapper! Not sure how she would react to the bobcats that have been roaming the neighborhood! Game and fish told me not to worry-they said they don't bother people and they do a great job keeping the mice and rabbit population down, the only thing to worry about is if you have a small dog, like a chihuahua...
--HELLO that's why I'm calling!-- their advise--- just don't let her out of your sight!  She is not allowed outside without me!  More quail  have been on  the view fence-guess they are were more afraid of Lolly than the bobcats!!


Texas Olive tree - No fruit-just beautiful clusters of flowers blooming all spring and summer.
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Lupine-only had two come up in my heavily planted wildflower bed. Someday I will force myself not to over plant or at least thin some.
Loving the view's from the swing!
 Shirley Poppies-popping up all over!

Lolly watching every move I make in the garden-she loves the swing as much as I do!!!!

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Julie said...

Sweet peas + Lolly = too cute for words!!! They are beautiful! So was that sunset, and they view from the swing ain't so shabby either!!! You are in paradise!!! Yes, do not let that sweet pup out of your sight!!! Nice to see you again!!! Sure wish I could grow sweet peas here...they are just LOVELY!!!