Sunday, February 3, 2008

SO Close

Well, the Atkins diet didn't work! Went thru the holidays without cheating, did everything right, and not one pound lost! So what if my Synthroid prescription had to be adjusted twice, you would think maybe a pound! I picked up the Perfect Weight book by Jordan Rubin, and did just like the book said, " Change your diet." I knew then it was time to change.

Because I already follow the Biblical food laws, eat almost all organic, take tons of supplements, know all about the bad fats etc. I felt I could just skim throught the book. Well, when he mentioned that dates were good for the body and they were on the diet list, I jumped into my car and headed to Sprouts! I picked up 1-1/4 pounds of Majoole dates. I ate one--then two, and before I made it to the half- way point home I finished the whole package! You know the routine- already cheated so might as well eat everything in sight, right? Well I did and now I'm on a full blown binge! Hope to pull out of it soon-that pot of gold above and the perfect diet was soooo close!


Gorda said...

Don't worry about that pot of gold. After the election, we'll all be drinking free Bubble-Up and eating Rainbow Stew! I just can't wait for all those government handouts!

Pudgeduck said...

Can't wait---then again our taxes are sure going to be HIGH-Did you not know we will pay for the "freebies"? Right now I'm into a box of cookies!