Saturday, February 16, 2008

Gourd Art Phase

I spent one year of my life crafting gourds. I went to several classes that I thought would be fun. My least favorite gourd technique was the teneriffe design shown in the first photo. I took two classes, and never could remember how to do the stitching. Anyway, it took over three hours to make, and then I remembered my "Make nothing that takes over three hours" rule! I like the wood burning technique and pine needle weaving technique. One of my favorite rim trims is made with date trash (stems) shown in the second photo.

I recently cleared out my doll room to make room for a hobby room. I had over 100 collectable dolls in there but then lost interest in that collection. So far, I haven't been inspired to take advantage of my new hobby room. I haven't crafted anything!


No Rain said...

Those are nice looking gourds. Try ATCs. Fast, fun.

z-silverlight said...

Thank you for dropping by my blog.
I love dolls and have been collecting them since I was a girl.
I used to belong to a doll club and the UFDC. I am only a 'MAL' now. (member at large.)

Julie said...

My daugher has a doll collection...she is into these darn expensive ball jointed can find her blog listed in my links if you ever want to see some of her collection. She is 18, and I convinced her to start a blog about her dolls!

Julie said...

I started ATC's...learned about them from Aiyana at WATER WHEN DRY. I have a blog of the ones I and my friend, and my daugher (a different daughter) have done on my links! Stop by and check it out! Julie @