Friday, February 8, 2008

Busy, Buzzing, Bees

I guess the bee colony collapse disorder is over. My small flower garden is alive with busy bees, buzzing around finding all the sweet-smelling flowers. Some even came after me! This is the most that I have seen in two years! The bees are having a strong come back, sorta like McCain!

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Gorda said...

Some things should not come back! This primary presents a dilemma--I refuse to vote for McCain, and the other two are beyond the pale. I suppose we could hope for a Hillary win and just sit back and wait for her to screw up--then we'll get rid of the Democratic congress bacuse people will be so disgusted--and she'll be neutralized for the remainder of her term. The other one? Free Bubble-Up, Rainbow Stew, and good speeches that bring the sheep to tears!