Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Fall At Pudgeduck's World

This is a Happy Fall! Weather is perfect- plants are growing and all is well in Pudgeduck's World!

On Friday, about 18 Arizona bloggers got together for lunch. The event was hosted by
Marty, who did a great job dealing with all the details. I was surprised to find that so many lived so close . We had fun putting faces to blogs, had a great lunch, dessert and a gift exchange. I'm looking forward to the next get-together! Wouldn't you know, I forgot my camera!!

The tomato and pepper plants have quite a few blooms now. Can't wait for for the first pickings!

from Random Rants and Prickly Plants sent a very well packed rock rose plant from his garden. I soaked the hardened mud ball from the roots and planted it facing the lake hoping the water view would keep it happy! It certainly looks good!

Something is in the garden eating my radishes! They start eating them as soon as they peek through the soil!

I put my frog brigade on guard, hoping they would scare "it" away! It worked last year when they stood guard around the lone rain lilly. My sweet peas were being eaten with no-see ums again this year and I used Claude's tip with the garlic powder. It is working again !! Thanks Claude!! I'm afraid to use it on the radishes for fear that they would absorb of the taste of garlic. This is so much fun--watching all my plants growing! I'm Loving Life on the Lake.....................

I threw in few back-up miniature turtles to help guard the radishes! That will scare them for sure!!!!! (I hope.)


Claude said...

The radishes would definitely absorb the taste of the garlic... I wonder what's eating them? Insects? Rodents? Gremlins?
Hard telling...

The Pavonia (rock rose) I sent you should be about 5 to 7 months old... they have to be at least 9 months old to bloom... if you want a bushier plant, this would be a time to pinch the growing tips to encourage more branches... I'm really interested to see how it's going to behave there...

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

I am glad you enjoyed yourself at the luncheon. I wish we could have played musical chairs so I could have chatted more with everyone. :)