Monday, October 12, 2009

Project Progressing

Our garden project is almost finished! The Bermuda lawn is gone and the winter over seed of Rye will green up in a few days, and I noticed almost all my seeds have sprouted! This year Daisies, Hollyhock, Lupine, Nasturtium, Chance, Dianthus, Delphinium, Scarlet and Blue Flax, Sweet Peas and Shirley Poppies. That's all I remember--I know there are others somewhere....

My vegetable garden is up and running! It needs to be thinned and I will (maybe) do it soon. I planted radish, carrots, kale and ? Oh well, you know how I like surprises!

Always Snap Dragons, Petunias, and Lobelia for instant color! I'm loving it!

This is my new favorite flower color. I planted a package of Painted Lady Heirloom Runner Beans that I bought last year. The unique coral and creamy pink blossoms are edible and the beans will be added to my soup. I'm not sure this is the right time of the year to plant them but last year I planted them in the spring and they were crispy by June. Still trying to master gardening. I think it is mostly trial and error. Boy, have I had a lot of errors!

The 'Rosenka' Bougainvillea is all pink now and will change to a golden-coral, almost the same color as the Snapdragon. Hopefully plenty of plants will come to fruition and keep me swinging on my swing, watching things grow!

I finished my tour on the Grand Jury. I loved every minute of serving and hope I get called again.

My Grandson leaves for his duty in the United States Army, and after basic training, I'm sure he will be shipped to Afghanistan. Please pray for our Nation and all our service men and women.
II Chronicles 7-14

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Julie said...

Oh, have all those flowers and vegies already planted and I am just procrastinating here! I bought climbing beans and collards, but have yet to plant them...good grief!

Your grandson will be in my thoughts and prayers! He is a brave young man ...and he should be, and will be very proud of his military service! What a guy!!!