Sunday, October 4, 2009

So Long, September! Glad You're Gone.

The last weekend of September we combined eight birthdays and had one gigantic party.

We have been buying Kathy's Rum Cakes for over a decade. This was our first time trying Spumoni--and it has become our new favorite! It has the same flavors as the traditional Spumoni ice cream. The pink and orange frosting are captured pretty well in this photo. It's a strange color combo at first glance, but it grows on you.

One more September birthday was added on the last day of the month--when my great grandson decided we needed one more September birthday. We are now up to 8! This family seems to attract Virgos and Libras!

After grilled burgers and bratwurst and an array of salads, we had homemade sugar cookies , miniature cheese cakes and coffee, along with the Spumoni cake. The dessert table looked tempting, but I stuck with my diet! We had a great time, and it's so much easier to just have the one party.


Just getting started on the demolition.......


I lost the two large rosemary shrubs, but somehow my lone rain lily and bell pepper survived! You can see how much we have lowered the planter walls. Even though it was 108 the day we did most of the demo, we plugged right along in order to finish by my October 1st deadline--so I'd have time to put in the winter flowers and veggies!

I'm glad September is over! So far, October has brought cooler temperatures and I'm feeling a little refreshed.


Julie said...

What a great looking dessert table, Pudgeduck!!! The cake colors are really neat! I liked the little ribbons on it also!

It has been slightly cooler here too the past 5 days...and a welcome if it would just go a little cooler and stay there!

Can't wait to see your finished project!!!

Suzanne said...

I wish my birthday was in September -- maybe that way I could be adopted into your party! What a fabulous cake and all the other goodies looked wonderful too! Happy to hear the little great-grandson arrived. He's just adorable. Nice to hear from you!

ceekay said...

I love Kathy's Rum Cakes. Don't get very often...but they are fabulous!
Hey, did you hear about the AZ bloggers luncheon. Oct 30th. See Marty at