Sunday, September 5, 2010

Remodel Chaos

Turr Tull coming in to check the progress of the remodel. He waits at the door, and then when he thinks it's safe, he crawls through each room.

I'm recovering from painting two walls in my family room remodeling project. We didn't plan on doing any more than break through the stairwell wall and expose the old bookcase that was there from a previous remodel. But...I went into a manic state and decided to paint the wall next to the bookcase. Then another wall, and then, why not another wall with a coordinating color? So, off to the paint store I went. As I started home after the paint store purchase I passed a fabric store. I stopped and found the perfect fabric to match the paint color. I couldn't resist! I didn't know how much fabric I needed (did I mention I don't know how to sew but I know how to use a staple gun and hemming tape, and I am good at guessing,) so I bought 10 yards of floral and one yard of stripe for the accents. I have plenty left for pillows and enough to upholster a chair! So much for good guessing!

The wall color is Dried Chamomile. The "Cinnamon Stick" color is now called "Sealing Wax"

Hubby is working hard building the area for my computer. I found some fabric baskets at Lowe's and I might use them instead of Hubby making drawers. I am trying to keep Hubby from over working and tiring too much.

We've found out doing this project that we just can't work like we used to! A terrible thing happened that drove home that point. We were in the half-size closet, trying to put the backing on the bookcase. It should have been a simple job--just nail a panel on the back shelf. We had to hold the light-weight paneling up two inches to get it in place for nailing, and we found out we couldn't do it. Had to get a crow bar to lift and hold it place. This was done by lying on the floor and using my foot to hold the crow bar, with Hubby lying on top of me trying to nail it all in place. Finally we we got it done. We were so proud! Then...we could not get up. I think it's called being "all stoved up!" After cursing our joints, old age, weak muscles, each other and wondering aloud how we got to this sad stage of life, Hubby finally managed to back out of the closet. I tried to straighten up but I was so twisted in the small space I just couldn't unbend and move! Hubby had to tie a sheet around my ankles, twist me around then pull me out! I felt like a beached whale! Once out, I straightened out and just stayed on the floor in the hallway floor for almost one-half hour. It took two days to recover!

Before the drapes were started and the walls painted, we decided to put brick on the wall above the built-ins. Back to the store to find a match to the existing fireplace bricks.

This is the confusion that I am working around in the middle of the room I'm working in. Boxes of dolls and other knick-knack collectibles are scattered everywhere. They came out of the closet we had to clear out to do the project. ADHD has kicked in full time, adding to the mess. My whole house looks like this now! While painting, I decided that the laundry room needed to be freshened up. While making the drapes I decided I needed somewhere to store the found items from the laundry room so I started to clean a shelf in my closet. On and on it goes until my whole house is in shambles. It's not a easy life!

I am so ashamed of spending so much money on all these dolls and stuff. I can't even sell them on EBay. They are a dime a dozen now. What a shame. Don't want to give them to Goodwill but don't want to store them any longer--what to do? I will try at the community yard sale next month. However, I see light at the end of the tunnel for this remodel. The surge of good feelings has started a bit as we get closer to the completed remodel Can't wait!


rohrerbot said...

Little by will get done...I feel your pain on painting....we spent a month doing that before we moved into our place....and I don't care to repeat that again:)

Aiyana said...

This is funny! I can just imagine that closet scene--especially having to be pulled out with a sheet rope. You shoulda had a video of that for posterity.

Hawk woman said...

Oh my gosh. You need to come up and remodel my house! I did manage to put up new blinds in the dining room but not before punching a hole in my finger with a screw driver.