Thursday, September 30, 2010

Mooning Glory

Full moon 9-23-10. Photo taken at 6:44 pm. Love it!

Still having Birthday parties for the month on September. For the first time ever we are scheduling two September birthday parties in October. Seems like going to work is a priority for some people! Great grandson will be here from NC to celebrate his 1st birthday! October will be as busy as September. I will have to make time for my fall planting between celebrations, visiting, and my second trip to NC! And to top that off, it's been so dang hot here that anything planted this early would surely die!

Not sure how my daughter works full time and still manages all the beautiful parties! Another one is planned for this weekend for her Hub's 60th bash!

One of my daughter's recent parties...

Staying busy is the best way to cope when our Disneyland life is imploding. More on that later. In the meantime, good news! Sister said she read that women over age 65 need not diet unless they are grossly obese, as it is hard on the body and the benefits of dieting are countered with hazards. Can't get any better than that--I'm 66!!


Julie said...

Oh, to have the energy for all those parties! Would be grand!!! :)

Congrats on NO MORE DANG DIETING!!! I only have 12 more years to go!!!

rohrerbot said...

That is a beautiful pic of the moon.

Pudgeduck said...

Julie-I have been on some sort of diet for the past 32 yrs! Good luck-12 years is a long