Thursday, September 9, 2010

Lost But Not Found

If I didn't have the blessings of daily drop-dead gorgeous sunrises like this one--I would think I might be hexed! I've lost my glasses again! Walked out the front door, rolled up the soaker hose, walked back to the car, and my glasses were gone off my face! Poof. Just gone. Now, tell me how that could happen? I have been searching for three days now!

Update--it's been five days now--we started looking in all the obvious places, like the fridge, trash, and then Hubby started opening drawers in the closet that hadn't been opened in years! Nothing. This bad luck with my glasses (I lost a pair, then had the bike wreck and lost another pair) must have some underlying meaning. Like, maybe I should have purchased that damned insurance! I know it is just old age but it is getting more annoying all the time. The best is when everyone says, "pay more attention!" Well, how can you pay any more attention than putting them on your face! Next time, I will start looking for them before they are lost. Yes, that's the ticket! How can I ever get ahead financially when all my money is going for replacement glasses? Good thing the sun comes up in the morning. Left to me, we'd live in darkness!


Chris said...

LOL! I can definitely relate.

Julie said...

I used to lose, sit on, and just about anything else to my glasses, when I was younger...but now that I put them on first thing in the morning nd don't take them off till I lay down...I never have any problems. Mine are I wear them the whole day. Good luck finding them...they have to be there somewhere!!!!!

Pudgeduck said...

Julie- Mine are progressive-makes them more expensive! This time they were on -that is the mystrey!