Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Chaos Contained!

I love the sunrise that greets me each morning! Every one is different. I don't ever tire of these magnificent blessings!

Good news--our remodel is finished!!! Well almost finished, but I'm not satisfied the way the draperies look. Still working on them. With all the light streaming through the windows I couldn't get a better photo.

I'm still working on them, but at least they are up!

I will have to have a painter come to change and finish the painting. The other walls are two stories high! Back to the store to find the perfect color, yet again. I will go as soon as I look into the garage cabinets for the rest of my books. I'm sure that will lead to another disaster!

The swivel rocker is not in a good place, and the color is now dated. Hard to believe white is outdated! The furniture is crowded still, although I thought that without the computer desk, I would have all the room I needed This room has always been hard for me to decorate. It opens to the kitchen, has a corner fireplace, and now, only one wall to work with. Even a professional decorator didn't offer any hope! All these insignificant decorating problems are just a way to occupy my mind, pushing away the what-ifs of Hubby's upcoming test results. Usually I just eat under stress but somehow I'm still watching carbs. His bone marrow biopsy is finished, and there's one more blood test to take before we get the news on Oct 1st.

Isn't this a pretty wreath? I found it at Target--on sale of course--Might take it back in a few days...depends on my mood at the time I guess.
By the way--still no glasses. I can't believe they haven't shown up yet. Still hoping they just appear from nowhere soon. I keep putting off getting new ones, because then they'll show up for sure.


Julie said...

Everything is looking so nice. Do you really have to paint??? I like that yellow color!

Pudgeduck said...

Julie- It's just the other color that I picked for the accent-just makes it all wrong! Not liking much of anything that we did! Trying to like it......