Thursday, August 19, 2010

Summer Confusion

I waited all night for the rain to come! Not a drop! Weatherman was wrong yet again. The beautiful sunrise almost makes up for the waterless clouds.

Waiting for sun...this sight always takes away my anxious feelings...if only for a moment.

The hours when the mind is absorbed by beauty
are the only hours when we really live.
~ Richard Jefferies

Turr Tull was looking for his food this morning...

Oops! This is not food. He is a very slow learner, or he has poor eyesight. Maybe both.

I can't keep up with all the eggplants on this bush! It loves this 110 heat, and I will definitely plant this again next June.

Another project for Hubby! This will be the second remodel--maybe the third--I see two wall paper patterns under the existing mustard colored sheet rock wall. The stairwell closet was full of collector dolls. The hall and bedroom are the new storage places until we finish. I am skillful at stumbling over confusion--having practiced all my life! A few months ago I made the mistake of selling my large desk and two large bookcases. I replaced it with an unsuitable computer desk . I miss having my books close by, so down came the stairwell wall! Let the fights began! My Hubby and I don't work well together, but our love of doing projects usually overcome the battles that follow! We only stay mad until he understands that I am right. It doesn't take very long at all, and it does place a terrible burden on me to know everything and have to always be right. He doesn't understand that part yet for some reason. After 35 years, you would think....


Julie said...

Oh ha ha ha! You and hubby! LOLOL! Good luck with your new project!

You sure have gorgeous golden sunrises there!!! Tur Tull sure loves your toes!

I can't get over your eggplant! Mine look so scrawny, but are still producing! How many plants is this? How many did you get roughly???

Pudgeduck said...

Julie-This is one plant!!!!!Just picked 13 more! I don't need any more!
I love this time of the year for sunrise pic.My post could be all sunrise and sunsets!!!