Sunday, August 8, 2010

Summer Stuff

The clouds gathered for over two inches of rain last week. It rained for two days and the accumulated rain water from the side and back yards almost flooded my patio! Turr Tull's new home located in the side yard stayed dry. He finally move in last month after shunning it at first.

The hibiscus that I bought from the clearance table at Lowe's bloomed for the first time after getting drenched with rain. I'm glad it is red as Turr Tull loves anything red, even my red toe nail polish! He nibbles at my toes if I stand still very long!

Let the parties begin!! All the weekends during August and September will be birthday parties. I started another diet today, and I am determined to stick with it for the next two months!

This pocket shrine is something I made at at a reclaimed art retreat that I attended a couple weeks ago up in northern Arizona. We had a fun weekend learning to make art from found treasures. We brought photos from home, and the instructor furnished the cigarette box. We purchased other ephemera from a local thrift store and a yard sale nearby.

The birthday table looks bare without the usual cakes. Instead, the birthday grandchildren prefer cookies, brownies and ice cream!! The table came from my Grandmother's porch and sits in my daughter's dining room. It was hand made by my Grandfather around 1917. It was mostly used as a working table--canning, grading eggs, cooling cakes etc., just a catch-all farmhouse table. My daughter has used it as her dining room table for the past 18 years. We love having our parties at her home, and look forward to seeing her decorated party table!
Hubby had his last chemo today!!!! Further testing in September, but we are sure he will be free of treatments for two years!


Julie said...

Wonderful news regarding your hubby!!!!!!!!!!!!! I say there needs to be another grand party to celebrate that!!!

Love the table your Grandpa built! When I saw the table, before I read your post, I thought, "What a neat table"! I love it! Your daughter is so lucky to have it!

You cracked me up with the vision of Tur Tull nibbling your toes!!! Yeeeeeee!!!!!

Oh, and BTW...I Love your hibiscus shape and color...very unusual!

Pudgeduck said...

julie- thanks for your comments!

Claude said...

Love the table, I sooooo want a turr tull of my own.

Great news about your husband... they can really almost work miracles these days, can't they?

The pocket shrine is so totally cool. I'm gonna look them up and see about making me a couple.

Pudgeduck said...

Turr Tull is on his way!! Dig a hole and stock up on lettuce and hibiscus!....