Thursday, August 12, 2010

Summer Fruit and Cactus Flowers

Blooming late this year is this Mammillaria Grahamii,

and also an unnamed Mammillaria. I searched my old blog entries to find its name, but I was just confused so I stopped. What difference does it make in the whole scheme of things? As I look back on my life I have almost always been confused. But my frustration with the confusion always stops when my beloved cacti bloom, and then names don't matter! They are, and will always be, beautiful!

I found ONE cantaloupe on this massive vine. I'm so proud of my first vegetable and now my first garden fruit. The Eggplant is producing a record amount of blooms after two days of rain last week.

Today has been a 10! Who needs money, fame or good looks--my happiness springs from my garden--and my new addiction, two daily root beer floats! It fits my diet plan as I use diet soda and I'm sure that cancels out the calories in the ice cream. I'm still on a diet, so I'm watching calories. I'll let you know how the two daily floats work to keep my weight down!

1 comment:

Julie said...

Ha ha ha...that was a good one about your daily floats! You know, I once read a diet plan that included ice cream three times a day! It was in one of those mags like Womens World! I think you can lose weight on this plan!!! That's the good news!!!

Your cantelope is great!!! Such fun to grow and EAT!!!

I, too, cannot keep track of what my mammillaria names are! When you said they are all beautiful, I thought they could have the oficial name of "M. beautiful". Yes, that definately works for me!!!!!