Thursday, March 25, 2010

Flowers Are Wide Awake Too!

My desert landscaped front yard is in bloom! The Brittle Bush is in it's full glory and the Red Yucca stalks are opening up and will bloom throughout the summer. I have five, and this is the only one in bloom to date.

If you look close you can see the beautiful green Hummer hovering over a Blue Elf aloe flower near the bottom of the photo. I'm still waiting to capture the one great Hummer photo like Aiyana had on her blog in 2008.

The record rainfall we have had this year has the Bush Morning Glory blooming profusely.

I planted a variety of Penstemons, but only the pink Parry's Penstemon ever shows up in the garden.

The first Thistle flower of the season...don't you love the blue color? So rare here.

Still waiting for the Blue Flax to bloom. This Scarlet Flax is all over the front and back yard. This is one of my favorites in the garden!


Hubby is half-way through his chemo treatments. We should get a report soon and we're hoping for a positive one! I still can't sleep, so I will finally ask the Doctor for a prescription, as much as I hate to do it. Not sure how long one can go on with two or three hours of sleep each night. It's really taking its toll.


Julie said...

Oh gosh, you do need some sleep!!! Can you take Benadryl? That puts me right out. A relative of mine used to take a Tylenol PM each night, but then realized she didn't need the Tylenol part...and the other part of the combination pill was just Benadryl!

I love that blue thistle! WOWZERS!!!

I am praying your hubby will have the BEST EVER lab results! Keep us informed, for sure!!!

Pudgeduck said...

Hey Julie--I did try Benadryl at first. Didn't help. -I might try it again though. Let you know!!

Hawk woman said...

Praying for great results! Love you guys. Love your flower shots!!!