Saturday, March 20, 2010

Results Of My Garden Experiment

Wide view of my back yard.

My experimental winter vegetable garden area has been successful. I'm hoping the artichoke will last the summer--I know now that I planted it too close to the wall. Oh well! Gardening is a series of trials and errors. Although it can't be seen, there is a purple cabbage growing very well behind the only nasturtium plant that was planted in the ground. Never has bloomed! I picked a few more carrots and the kale is still producing! The one on the left is a cauliflower. I planted a few squash and cantaloupe. I know there isn't any room to roam but maybe they find a way.

I found the sweet pea variety that has long, strong stems! They came in a mix of colors. I only dedicated one wall to sweet peas this year as the remodel last fall wasn't finished in time to plant more. But...I have lots more blooms even though it's one wall. Each day I cut a large vase full. All my small vases have gone back to Goodwill! Also mixed in with the long stemmed sweet peas were the early flowering, very fragrant variety.

Zinnias are mixed in with the daisies.

This little March angel promised another beautiful spring for Arizona!

A field of African daisies! I have so many flowers in this bed--I just over-seed everything! Peeking through pansies, you can see alyssum, and zinnias, and somewhere in the mix is the pineapple sage that was planted last fall. I will limit my sowing of seeds next season though, I can't even get into the bed to cut the flowers!

Love the potted nasturtiums! I have pots and pots of these.

Snap dragons going strong.


Julie said...

Oh Pudgeduck, it is so most assuredly live in paradise!!! All of your flowers look so beautiful...especially the long stemmed ones!!! How neat!

Hawk woman said...

Beautiful garden. Your backyard always was a paradise.

Aiyana said...

I love seeing your garden this time of year. I'll need to get over there and see it in person while it's in its glory!