Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Sock Puppet Cactus

This Saguaro cactus is in the median on the drive to my home. I have waited for years for the top of it to break off. It must have been damaged in some way to even grow like this, but it just keeps getting stronger.

It recently developed eyes and a mouth. Now it looks like a sock puppet. Not sure if birds or man did this. Some sense of humor! Hopefully, it is natural. Bird holes in Saguaros are considered natural as woodpeckers drill the holes to nest, then the nests are later taken up by elf owls and/or cactus wrens. All part of the natural cycle of life in the desert.

My hubby is still receiving chemo twice a week. Unbelievable as it may sound--he is feeling fantastic!
Luckily, he started working again a few weeks ago-we need the added income to cover the expense of his nonstop eating! This is a completely different reaction than expected!


We spent the past week in Georgia for my grandson's graduation from boot camp.We had two days with him--he could not wait for the ceremony to end. He had been craving a hamburger and a Dr. Pepper! After finding a good place to eat we explored the area then crossed over to Alabama. We experienced "boiled peanuts". (Ugh!) and fried cornbread and grits. None of it to my liking! It was very cold and I wore gloves, layers of clothing, a large coat, boots and ear muffs! All borrowed of course-- I don't own this kind of clothing! I am so thankful that I live in sunny Arizona. We paid for non-stop on US Airways and ended up having a 6-hour delay--mechanical problems--so we chose to take a small commuter plane to North Carolina with 2-hour layover instead. We finally got home and it was glorious to see the sunshine and all my flowers in bloom! Can't get any better than that! Yes it can--I only gained 4 pounds!


Julie said...

Well, first, I just want to say I am so happy your hubby is feeling great, and eating so ravenously!!! Yeah!!! That is the best news!

I can't believe you didn't like any of those southern delicacies!!! I adore boiled peanuts, grits and cornbread!!! I hope you got some fried catfish in is the BEST! I eat it for all 3 meals when I go up there!!!

You can lose those 4 pounds right quick, and be good as perfect!!!

xoxo- Julie

Claude said...

First, and most importantly, I'm so glad to hear that your husband is doing so well.

I love that cactus... it seems to have new growth coming out from the tip, maybe it'll be fine! Cactus are always doing things that they're not supposed to.

I love boiled peanuts, as long as nobody puts red pepper in them... Maybe you just got a bad batch...

Pudgeduck said...

Sorry not like the nuts!!!Tried two flavors. Don't eat catfish...Can't wait to go to Kentucky this summer...if Grandson is still there!!!Trying to be a better blogger!!!!!

Hawk woman said...

So glad Don is doing so well!! Maybe he can take us to the back roads to flowers next month!!