Monday, March 15, 2010

In Search Of Flowers

Spring break, and enough time to repair our old truck. Hubby replaced the plugs, wires, cap and rotor and voila--runs like a champ . After record rainfall this spring we were hoping for lots and lots of wildflowers! The mountains are a beautiful green, the temperature in the 70's, and we can't wait to drive the back roads again!

A few miles out we came across this patch of flowers. Unfortunately, we couldn't get any closer.
We were heading west to the Saddleback Mountain.

I came across this lone poppy, and next to it hidden between two rocks this beautiful little Mammillaria engelmannii. I found the quarter earlier on my hike.

The poppies were sparse and there's not much chance of more blooming. The record amount of rain didn't start until January--about a month late for the seeds to get a good start.

I feel like this decrepit old cactus--and I'm beginning to look like it as well! This is what happens when you don't get enough sleep!! If you look again, you may see a cowboy riding his horse backward--see the tail raised high is a prancing pose?

This is the next step up from decrepidness when you add stress to the mix!
I am trying to be a better blogger and post more, but the lure of Farmville on Facebook has a hold on me. It's worse than drugs! I have five farms that I farm and I truly love them. I hope that soon it will lose its appeal. I wonder if I need an intervention.


Claude said...

One day, I'm going to drive out there and get to see some of those saquaros for myself. I'm planning on it...

I wonder if that old, decrepit cactus still blooms?

and as for farmville... I'm about to burn out. All them blasted chickens wear me out! If I could, I'd sell em to be butchered.

Julie said...

LOLOL! You and Claude addicted to your Farmville! I can just see both of you sitting there tending your online farms! It must be really fun! I'm just as bad with blogging and online research!

You crack me up comparing your self to an old cactus! I suppose I am starting to feel that old too, some days...even at 53.

Hawk woman said...

I am going to call that show on tv, Intervention. You could also be called a "Screenager".