Thursday, April 1, 2010

Piggy Birthdays and Other Brevities

Birthday parties again!! Great grandson is 6 months old already!! Of course that means a 1/2-year PARTY!!!


For over 30 years my daughter has received some type of pig themed stuff for her birthday and Christmas. It started as a joke, and now she has quite an eclectic collection of piggy related items! She says that she really hates pigs and makes quite a scene of disgust when she gets one, but I know she secretly loves it! Of course, most of the cards are of pigs and this year my grand daughter made her a pig cake!!! It turned out really cute and tasted delicious.


My hibiscus is loaded with blooms, but not many leaves. This shrub really is in the wrong place--it partially blocks a full view of the lake and looks out of place among the flower beds. One of these days, it's going to go--I'll probably try transplanting, but don't have much hope of it making it. I love the hibiscus, but the view is really important! Can't replace that, but can replace a hibiscus shrub.

My new project! When an old plant bench fell apart after having it around for 29 years, I decided to reuse the tile on the inside of the my front pony wall. I will have to buy many more tiles, and may add more color--just not sure what I'm going to do yet.

The red cabbage is doing well....

and the cauliflower looks good! Can't wait to make my soup with the two, and with the kale that is still growing.


Hubby got an "excellent" report from the Dr. today! He needs to stay on the chemo for three more months and then they will do a bone marrow test to see what's happening.

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Julie said...

Wonderful news regarding your husband!!! I am celebrating!!!

Nice looking garden vegies! WOW!!! I want some!!! LOLOL!