Friday, April 9, 2010

Summer's Coming On...

I found this at a half price sale at Goodwill. I paid $2.50! I always look for yard art, and so far, I've had pretty good luck finding interesting things. They are cheap enough to keep until I tire of them, then off to Goodwill where I donate them back and look for something else.

Bacopa White...

I love having draping plants on stands. Too bad these won't look so hot in another month, if they make it through the heat. Just about the time they start hitting the ground, the heat comes.

This Sacred Datura is from a cutting a blog friend sent me last year. This is the third bloom of the season. This night blooming flower is so pretty!

Here's my Ultra-Dwarf Santa Rosa Plum from Lowe's. The tag said it is a perfect container plant. I have had it about a month and it is still living, so that's a good sign that it will last, at least a while.

This bell pepper plant is the one that lived through the planter remodel last year. This is the first time that the peppers have turned red! They taste pretty good--same as when they were green.

My sweet peas are higher than my six foot block wall! I'm still passing out bouquets, but noticed seed pods on a few. Oh well--I need to get used to it--everything will be gone before the end of May.

The Rock Rose Poppies just bloomed! These are very late this year. They are growing in my flower beds and side yards.

I love 'em!

While having lunch with the Grand kids, we spotted ...

A dove making her nest in the O of the restaurant sign. This nest looks pretty safe. At another restaurant nearby, a dove is trying to nest on a scupper right next to the restaurant's door. There's always debris there from the nest. I predict that nest won't last long--just like most dove nests. However, the fate of this next will be because of a man-made disaster, not nature. They are not the brightest birds when it comes to locating nests.

We were blessed on Easter with a surprise visit from our grandson, who is stationed at Ft. Knox, Kentucky! It was quite a shock seeing him standing in the doorway at a local restaurant. Then, making it the perfect holiday, two brothers and sister-in-law arrived from out of state. I hadn't seen my one brother in six years, so it was a rare family reunion.
I haven't even tried to watch my diet over the past few weeks--I just ate everything in sight! I use the excuse that it was a holiday, visitors were here, etc. etc. Problem is I'm still eating and I'm not able to stop! We all had such a good visit!!
Hubbie decided to have a port implanted after having 36 IV's. His arm veins started hiding from the nurse and it became very painful for him to go through each time he needed chemo, so having the port will make it easier for everyone. He is doing very well with the treatments.


Claude said...

Wonderful pics... do you save the seeds of the sweet peas, or buy new ones every year?

And I'm really glad to hear that your husband is doing well with the chemo, although it can't be fun.

Pudgeduck said...

Claude-I do save some-but can't resist buying seeds!!Are you still on FV?