Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Birthday Bounty

Another Birthday! I can't believe that I have become so ancient! AARP is the first to send a birthday greeting, followed by the insurance company. If they would just stop reminding me that I'm old, I can fool myself just by taking my glasses off when I look into the mirror. I look so young, without a wrinkle! That's the only good thing about Presbyopia. But, I am glad I've made it to age 66. Many others through the ages have not been so lucky. I just have a hard time watching my skin crinkle, hang and dangle. Oh well, good thing I only have two regrets at this stage of my life. They are not having a higher formal education, and always worrying about something. I believe it's called Generalized Anxiety Disorder. These thoughts all but disappear when I see my birthday table though!

My grand daughter baked a ginger/pear cake for my birthday-delicious -and the chocolate cake allowed for good thoughts only!

One of my gifts was a gated arbor that will go perfectly at the entrance of my secret garden. I can't put the planters on each side because the side yard is very narrow. No matter. This will enhance my idea of a miniature secret garden! We built Turr Tull's new house there and someday I will finish painting the block wall. I think I have been cheated on square footage on my lot--I have the smallest in of the lake lot houses on my side of the lake. Maybe they did that because I do have the best view of the lake and mountains.

My favorite gift was a hand painted flower pot filled with decorated hands. My granddaughter had everyone in the family trace their hand and then decorate it in whatever way they chose. This Easter the family was all together, including my two out-of-town brothers, and my grandson home on leave, so this is extra special gift!

Ryder has two bottom teeth now and he makes such funny faces! I hope this puts a smile on your face like it does mine!

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Julie said...

Oh, Happy Birthday, Pudgeduck!!! What a wonderful table. That pear/ginger cake looked very yummy! The hands in a bowl was such a one of a kind gift, and something you can keep forever! Awesome! I laughed when you described looking in the mirror without your glasses! LOLOL!
You are one of the nicest 66 year olds I know! Happy B-Day!!!!!