Wednesday, May 5, 2010


The Coots have left the building! Here comes the hot weather! After days of unseasonably cool weather, the heat is here. It's going to be a long, long, long hot summer.

Another dove nest built in the wrong place--on a patio chair at a friend's home. Now I know where the expression, 'birdbrain' originated!

And to top off birdbrained ideas, it's next to the sliding glass door! I really wonder why there isn't a shortage of doves....

See what fertilizer can do? My son-in-law uses lots of it and his weeds are humongous! Next to it is a normal size one. He won't listen to me about his over use of water and fertilizer! I have to admit that He does have a beautiful yard, as well as a profusion of flowers, and a garden full of vegetables and herbs. I suppose I should not give him advice, just think my thoughts in silence!


Julie said...

Love the size of those weeds!!! OMG! Hey...speaking of size of should have seen the collards my friend grew at her house. I had started the seedlings at my house and I gave her 3. Well, 2 of them died, and she had just one that grew and thrived, and REALLY thrived. The leaves on this plant are 3 ft. long!!! My Mom took a pic with the plant to send to her sister who also grows collards since her sister has never grown anything that huge before! LOL. All she did was use Miracle Gro soil, no fertilizer along the way otherwise! Amazing!

xoxo- Julie

Dee said...

I read that doves breed many times a year to make up for their silly flimsy nests and all the babies that die young, falling out of them. You would think they would learn!