Saturday, May 22, 2010

My Veggies are Legal!

I only bought one eggplant and the lone eggplant is about 3" long. The plant has had a lot of blooms but they aren't setting yet.

I love the blossoms on the zucchini. I found a receipt for squash blossom soup but I need more plants before I can try it-it sounds good! I don't know why I haven't grown veggies all my life! It's really fun watching them grow and develop.

The Candy Cane Zinnia is not very healthy looking. The package said the Zinnia flowers should be big and bold, but they are only an inch across.

This can't be a sunflower! But, maybe it is some form. The planting mix was various sunflowers, but this is so different than the sunflowers I'm used to. I like it, though.

The stalks are loaded with buds so I should have a good crop soon. These are the only two that have bloomed and I can't wait for the show!

This is planted in the wrong place, but I just had to have it and I will have to prune it to keep it in the space. It is a Mexican olive (Cordia Boissieri) and it will have lots of attractive blooms year round.

We are in the middle of another redo!! In fact, we are in the middle of about three--replacing the entire sprinkler system, doing my secret garden and tiling the pony wall in front.
Hubby had a small boat, not used, and traded the boat for the labor and materials for the sprinkler system. After a couple of mistakes it looks like it will be finished this weekend--just in time to plant the Vincas! I have been buying a few flowers vines and shrubs and planting them in pots. I don't have any room for them but that doesn't stop me--just have to have them! You would think at my age I would have more control. I hope I live long enough to correct all my bad habits!
Glad you asked...the AZ SB1070 law is only 16 pages and mirrors the Federal law. Do you wonder as I do, what is going on in America? No one seems to think it's important to read the law, only listen to what others who haven't read the law say about it. Lest we forget--Illegal is not a race--it is a crime! My hope is for DIVINE INTERVENTION, as obviously nothing else will work.


Claude said...

That double sunflower looks like what we used to call Teddy Bear sunflowers. But I'm sure there are a couple of different hybrids with double blooms...

As for the Arizona law... From what I understand, it is only re-stating the federal statutes that are already in place. Which makes it redundant and useless, and every state in the union has enough redundant and useless laws already.

I should also state that it's an old public relations/political ploy to do something that attracts all the attention so that no one will notice what's really going on... a no one notices what the left hand is doing thing...
And that's more than I've ever said about any political issue on any blog!


Julie said...

The candy cane zinnia is very interesting though, with that cool color scheme! My grandsons pot full, that he planted from seeds, is coming up all different colors and types of zinnias! It is so fun watching to see what the next one will look like! Maybe we will get a candy cane! One actually has a red center and I can see red in at least some parts of the petals...I will post it if we do, and be sure to let you know so you can come see!

That surely is an odd lookig sunflower, eh??? Very pretty tho...I agree!

I don't know what that law is all about. I haven't kept up with the it something recent that has happened???

Pudgeduck said...
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Pudgeduck said...

claude-- I't more than I have ever said! You are right about the left hand!!! Thanks for the info about the Teddy Bear Sunfower- never heard that before.

julie-Another one bloomed-different pattern- and it is just as small!

Julie said...

I love to see something different like this sunflower...just pop up unexpectedly! So fun!!!!!

Julie said...

P.S. BTW...I think our eggplants are at about the same stage. I just posted a pic of is about 6 inches long now, and 1.5 inches wide...touching the ground! It has been fun to watch it seems so fast. My two bushes have a lot of flowers and they seem to ALL be making eggplants! It is miraculous!!!