Friday, September 4, 2009

Busy, Busy Week

My major planter renovation is slowly progressing! I will have to transplant the two large trailing Rosemary plants in the highest planter, and I'm not sure they will make it in this heat so we are saving that job for last. All the planters are coming down, and a new wall about two feet high will add another three feet to the area.

Next week I am going for a short visit with
Aiyana to Eugene, Oregon to get out of the heat here. I offered to go along when she wrote about going on her blog, and she took me up on my offer! So, next week looks as busy as the last few have been. It's still so darn hot and dry here that the possibility of seeing some cool weather sounds wonderful!

I'm hoping that most of the work on the planters will be finished when I return from my trip. That is the secret reason I wanted to go away--not just to get out of the heat!

Hey Julie---Here's my first One Stroke painting project. I started a class a couple weeks ago, and I think I will continue for a while longer. Each class lasts two hours and I come home with a finished project! Right up my alley!!

I spotted this perfect puffed heart prickly pear cactus pad on the way to visit my friend who is in the hospital. It really cheered me up. Maybe I'll use this photo as a Valentine's Day card.

Recently I helped set up my Grand Daughter's baby shower, and I was in charge of this dessert table on a kitchen island. By the time we finished with this table it had a few more desserts that went all around the island, including a cake on the top tier. I know this is hard to believe, but...I only had one cream puff and a few mixed nuts! I was so busy setting up and talking that I just wasn't tempted! Maybe that should be a clue: boredom = overeating. I need a job! Just kidding!

It's really a baby boy, and due in about a month! It's hard for some people to make it out. The shower was a lot of fun and my Grand Daughter received lots and lots of nice gifts. She was so pleased to have the shower. Even cleaning up was fun!

And now you know how my week was spent!


Julie said...

OMG!!! What a great painting you did! I took Tole Painting for about 3 classes, and have often thought of trying the One Stroke as well! It looks so pretty!

I can't believe you are going with Aiyana! I am jealous!!! I had told her I wanted to go too...but of course, with work, it is impossible! Shoot.

I hope ya'll will have loads of fun...and of course, I pray it will be a little chilly there!!! You MUST let us know if it is cooler there!

Your planter sounds so great...can't wait to see your finished project!

The baby shower looked so pretty...your island that you did! I am always amazed at how good some people can be at setting up a lovely table like that. I love that invitation too, with the ultrasound on it!

Dee said...

The trip to Oregon sounds awesome! I hope you both have a wonderful time! I am headed up to South Dakota- Mitchell my hometown to visit my mom. I expect to see some cooler temps too. The baby shower dessert table looks so yummy! I could not have resisited!

Aiyana said...

Hey, Pudge,
Bring a light jacket--temps should be in the mid seventies in the day and around 45 at night!

The painting looks good. Is it watercolor or oils?