Saturday, August 29, 2009

Sunday Sundry

I don't have a thing to blog about, and nary a bloom in the garden! I found this lantana in bloom at my daughter's house. I think lantanas are far more interesting up close than from a distance, where you miss the details of each miniature flower head on the cluster.

In the heat of July, my son-in-law transplanted a dying sprig of lantana. Turned the hose on drip and kept it on for over 2 weeks straight! I told him that he was wasting his time--it was too hot to transplant, and then to add so much water. By August the cutting was all filled out and full of blooms! He has yet to say, "I told you so", but I know he secretly wants too. He definitely has a green thumb!

Ruellia brittoniana, also called Desert Petunia or Purple Showers.


In the passed two weeks I have attended two funerals. A total of five friends have passed away in the past two weeks and one is in ICU. It's been a sad week and year in many ways.

We have had record heat and the monsoon has been a big zero. Even desert plants are dying from the record heat and lack of rainfall. My large prickly pear is drooping and pads are falling off, even though it gets water. The sun's relentless intensity is just too much. It has been one hell of a time around here! But today, despite the heat, we are filling my two extended planters with soil and mulch. I'm ending up with 10 additional feet for more flowers this fall, winter and spring. Water lines are in, walls stuccoed and painted, seeds bought, and I'm just waiting for a couple weeks to pass to start planting! That is, if the heat lets up. I may have to wait a while longer if that happens, but then, the whole schedule is off and the plants suffer on the other end.


Julie said...

Oh gosh, Pudgeduck...I had left you a comment on my last post, but then came here and had not seen this post of yours!

I am so sorry about all of your losses recently...and in such a short amount of time! I know it must be a sad period in your life, for sure.

Be sure to sit in the sun, next to a window, inside in the a/c for fresh sunlight and happiness.

Can you take an art class of some sort? That may help you to pass the remaining weeks of heat.

I know you will enjoy your new length of planter when the time comes! It is very exciting to think of the very near future when you can start to plant!!!

I saw on the Today Show this morning that it is actually chilly in NY now...can't be much longer for us...can it???

I am still awaiting some artwork from you! But only when you are ready!

Take care of yourself...


Julie said...

Hey...only 33 weeks and 5 days till you get that new grandbaby!!!!! Yee---haw!!!!!