Wednesday, August 19, 2009

More Craft Projects

A few months ago I made this fused glass meditation stick during a class I took sponsored by a Phoenix garden shop. Throughout the year they offer various arts and crafts classes, and this class seemed interesting and something new to me. The meditation stick was very simple to make. We chose various types and colors of glass and arranged it on a 1" x 10" strip of clear glass and secured it with Super Glue. During the subsequent firing of the piece, the glass bits melt into each other and fuse to the glass strip. Depending on the thickness and type of glass, some are thicker, some expand, others shrink, so you never know for sure what your stick will look like when finished.

Since the pieces of glass had to go with the instructor for firing later at her shop, everyone eagerly awaited their masterpieces! By the time we got them back, we couldn't really remember what we started with. Next time, I'll have to take a camera if I do any more fused glass classes! The class was fun for me as I enjoy art projects that can be done in just a few hours--even though I had to wait for the firing.

This took about 30 minutes from start to finish. I found these silver plate serving pieces in a junk drawer while decluttering this morning, and decided to make this simple wind chime. We (Hubby) flattened the four pieces in a vice--drilled a few holes-- I used fishing line to attach the forks to the spoon on top and voilĂ .....chimes! I thought I forgot to attach the teaspoon--went outside to check-- and there it was, hanging perfectly in line with the fork! They have a charming tinkling sound, just what I was looking for to compliment my Hawaiian bamboo chime and my beautiful tuned chimes.


Chris said...

What a great idea! I better ask my wife before I start drilling holes in her silverware though.

Julie said...

What a neat thig that glass stick is!!! I love the way yours turned out! Your windchime is so cute and very well done! I want to do some art projects!!!!!!! :)

Julie said...

Oh wait...I forgot about these beauties you had made!!! How could I have??? I love them so much! Well...all I can say is "Keep on truckin on girlfriend"!!!