Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sad, Sad Cemetery

This small town cemetery is only a few miles from my home. I've lived in this area my entire long life, and I don't ever remember going in to this cemetery, only passing by. A few years ago, according to my memory, the local newspaper had an article about someone renovating the cemetery. After building the nice fence along the roadway, I assumed it had been finished. I wasn't prepared for what I saw as I entered the gate. My heart sank at the sickening sight of neglect. I was afraid to walk though the area because of the sunken earth, large pot holes and grave markers unearthed. Everything was in a deplorable state! I was expecting to see a casket lying around!

Every now and then, a nice marker could be seen, mixed in with the potholes, piles of stones, and scattered cement slabs.

I was mortified to see the dirty, torn and tattered American Flag left hanging on this pole. It's probably been there for years!

Not even a cactus could grow here. Not a blade of grass or weed anywhere, even though fields of crops surrounded it on three sides. Very strange! Maybe pre-emergent agents have been sprayed there to cut out any maintenance.

A lot of wooden crosses, all unmarked, and some wooden fences surrounded two or more plots. Faded plastic flowers were placed on some graves and left to disintegrate.

The few I got close enough to read showed they were born in the 1800s. Not sure the date of the last one buried here as there was no plaque to be found.

Curious looking rock markers-what were they thinking? I guess it's an economical and creative way to mark a grave.

At least someone tried to leave a lasting tribute. It was so sad. I was so ashamed at the neglect of this cemetery that I almost didn't post this. I left there holding part of the sadness that seems to hang over this cemetery.


Claude said...

Oh my... usually, old cemetaries come under a Government office or the Historical Society... Some even have a cemetery society. And the total lack of any plants is, quite frankly, depressing. Even wildflowers or weeds would be better. It's also strange to me that I have cacti in the cemetery here, but there's none in Arizona? It would seem to me that a tall proud saguaro over a grave would be a great tribute to a loved one.

I do like the rock markers. Interesting.

I know that my fascination and constant posting about cemeteries may have had some part in inspiring you to stop by here, and I apologise for any part I may have had in depressing you.

Aiyana said...

That is sad...but that's why I've always stayed out of cemeteries around here. Most of them are so barren and forlorn. When I go to other places, I've always liked visiting as they are so beautiful and peaceful, with interesting markers.

Julie said...

Well, I had missed this post as well! Where have I been? Oh yeah...I remember now!!! With those sweet grandbabies!!!

I think it was so nice of Claude to take partial credit in depressing you!!! LOLOL. I know I have taken pics of cemetaries just to post for him, and I sometimes wonder what in the world I am doing!!! He has got me kinda interested now though!!!

This one is really sad. I guess from what Aiyana said that it is more common to see something barren like this out would think somebody, anybody, would do something to help.