Monday, September 7, 2009

Can't Stop Progress

The neighborhood grocery store and several other shops I mentioned before that had planned for a fall grand opening have a new wrinkle. The anchor grocery store went bankrupt! Building is continuing and still no word if and when another grocery will take its place. I'm hoping for a speciality organic, low priced grocer. I doubt that will happen. I suppose there's no such thing as a low priced specialty organic, and probably most of the shoppers aren't all that interested in organic products if they cost more, especially now.

You can't even tell now that about one-fourth of the mountain was blown away to build these shops. I've heard there will be pizza shop, a preschool, a bank, a pharmacy, and a beauty shop going in. I'm sure the first to open will be a mani/pedi shop as it seems that would be the easiest to open fast.
You may wonder why having this small shopping center is a big deal. We have to drive 13 miles to a grocer, drug store, bank, etc. The residents have waited for this for many years. This community has been here about 20 years now. However, not everyone is in favor of having this shopping center in the community, as they see it as destroying the character of the community and also that more traffic, crime and other stuff will increase. I guess we'll just have to wait and see. After it's in, then people will probably decide it's just too convenient to pass up and forget they ever objected!

The shops are beautiful, and I would love to open a health food store here! Just dreaming...I had a health food store for many years and then I sold and retired six years ago. I need to leave it at that!


A couple of tips on " How To Stay Young".

Accept change

You can't stop progress

Be grateful that you can walk to shop when they take your car keys away!

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