Friday, September 11, 2009

Old Blue...And Other Stuff

Blue, so named because he has blue eyes, is a mixed wolf/lab that my daughter has had for 14 years now. About once a week for the past few years, he jumps a 6-foot block wall, runs to the lake (less than a block away) jumps in, then heads running for home. They have tried everything to stop him, but not a thing will deter him from this ritual! They have a swimming pool, and a few times a day, he jumps in to cool off, but he still has had the need to escape to the lake! Last week, a car hit him as he was running home. He couldn't walk and was in a lot of pain, so they rushed him to the vet. He didn't have any broken bones, but was just very sore and pitiful! He's very lucky--my daughter not so much after a $900 vet bill, plus pain pills and a lot of tears.

His blue eyes don't show up here, but they are really striking. I guess that's the wolf half coming through.

This is a purple fountain grass clump at my daughter's. I love the change of colors on the leaves and plumes of this massive planting.

This metal scorpion looks pretty scary in my front yard. At night, it would cause someone to jump in fright if they didn't know it was there!

Found this pretty creeping daisy at Lowe's today. It's a perennial, blooms almost year round, and it tolerates desert heat. After I planted it, I reread the tag and it stated, MORNING SUN ONLY! Well--that means a pot on the patio! Hoping Hubby will water it while I'm away on my Oregon trip! He is as forgetful as I am anymore....

(I just read that it will be 90 degrees in Eugene, Oregon the next few days. Aiyana, the friend I'm going with, is going to be livid--she wanted to go to get out of the heat. This is the second trip she's taken in a month and didn't escape the heat the last time! But, I guess 90 degrees in Oregon is better than 105 plus here!)

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Van said...

So appreciated you doggie story and enjoyed the pics of your plantings. Come over and visit me for the latest of what is going on in my garden.