Monday, September 21, 2009

Home From The Beaver State

East of Phoenix

I went with Aiyana for a few days to Oregon. When we arrived it was 90 degrees, with higher humidity than we are accustomed to, but the temperature came down for the rest of the trip, making a nice change for a great mini vacation!

Every day we picked cherry and Italian container tomatoes growing on the patio. They are much sweeter than I have ever grown. It must be the difference in the soil pH.

Each morning on our way to a beautiful resort-style private back yard for breakfast, we had to sweep the area for invisible spider webs that spiders worked on through the night! The homeowner has been working single handedly for about two years preparing his landscape. What a gorgeous yard!

These little guys seemingly make webs in thin air! They are everywhere.

There are still a few flowers blooming, but fall is definitely on the way there.

A beautiful yellow rose in the yard.

I had to stop at a local nursery to check out this wall of petunias!

This is the inside chain link fence. Why can't I grow flowers like that? Oh yeah, I live in Arizona. Our flower season is just getting started and I can't wait the plant!!!! My back yard is almost finished....

This Koi pond was a beautiful addition to the nursery. What a sight! Walls of flowers, a pond, and hundreds of plants I've never seen before.

Another thing we don't see here in the desert are tree roots exposed above ground like these I saw in Oregon. The sun would cook them here in a few hours! I thought the photo of the roots was interesting.

I got home in time to report for Grand Jury duty. I'm excited to go. I will go a couple times a week for 5 weeks!


Julie said...

Oh, what a great trip, Pudge!!! You guys must have had a blast. The flowers there were astounding...that chain link fence is so awesome!!! Glad the weather was good for you!

Dee said...

Welcome home! I found the midwest a bit too humid for my taste on my recent trip too. But the green landscape was beautiful. I guess we can't have it all here in AZ.

Aiyana said...

I'm ready to go back! I wonder when this heat is going to end. It's getting to be too much for me.