Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I LOVE Gaudy!

On a recent spring garden tour one of the gardens had groups of vases and bottles that were placed in a few areas around the garden. Some were all blue, and one area had multiple colors, all different shapes and sizes. I liked the look so I started buying the colored glass whenever I would find them for under $2.00. Most were marked $3.99 at our local Goodwill Store, but when they had a half price sale, I could get them for under my target price. Eventually, I will fill up three tree wells at my daughter's home with my finds. I don't have any room at my place, and luckily my family lets me release my pent-up collector's drive by accommodating my ideas.

This is one of the latest finds at the local Goodwill. I stared buying brightly colored Mexican garden decor for the block wall that I was going to paint like the those at my daughter's side yard. I just love the bright colors, but I changed my mind about painting and just started hanging up yard art instead. This was priced at $4.99 on a half price day! I can't make myself even pay full price at the thrift shops! Is this a sad commentary of the times, a sign of old age, or just being smart? Probably all of these! I give away more to Goodwill than I buy, and I just don't want to pay them the original inflated price! Imagine that. A $75 Iguana for $4.99 at the full price, and I think that's too high!

This gaudy little planter almost makes up for not painting!

Here's more acquisitions. I tend to go overboard--so it looks like I will have to start storing more junk when the place starts looking like a Mexican restaurant on crack!

This sunflower has almost reached the top of the 8 foot bottle tree. The recent winds blew the plant over twice. We tied it to the bottle tree, covered the roots and I think it will make it!! The recent rains and clouds have helped and the newly planted Vincas as well. Oh! And it helped me too!!!


Claude said...

The bottles remind me of seeing coke bottles, the old thick glass ones, stuck neck down into the ground to border flower beds. Of course, now everybody uses bricks... probably because lawns are edged with weedeaters instead of by hand. I have way too much stuff decorating my garden... I'm about to the point that I'm going to have to thin it out.

Aiyana said...

Yard art! Love it. I have too much myself, but what the hell. At least it's not those 'hiding kids' you see at some of the local Mexican joints.