Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Something Old, Something New

In a forgotten corner in a forgotten pot this little unidentified cactus surprised me with this beautiful bloom today! The strawberry pot holds cactus that are dying or maybe dead, that I just can't throw out. Most just shrivel up and disappear, but I always give them a second chance. This time it paid off!

I replaced the waning potted geraniums with two Rosenka Bougainvilleas. This type is a low growing bushy shrub that will look good in planters. I love the golden pink color bracts. Although red, pink and white are the more popular colors of bougainvillea, I decided it's time for change!

The hibiscus is still loaded with flowers. I wish Turr Tull would wake up and enjoy his favorite meal! June was the latest he has ever come out of hibernation, and that a few years ago. I'm just a little worried--we will hit 100 degrees this week!


Claude said...

What a cute little cactus! I've never been a big bouganvillia fan, but they've kinda grown on me the last few years... still, I think I'll hold off a while... And tell Turr Tull to stop sleeping his life away... how long does he normally hibernate, anyway?

Julie said...

What a nice near dead cactus surprise!!! Nice color too!!!

Love your Bougainvillea color and type! Very cool!

I can't believe you will be up to 100 degrees this week!!! OH MY GOD!!!

Pudgeduck said...

Claude-Turr Tull went in early this year-Sept. Latest he ever went in was Oct. He would always come out for a hour or so in Feb. Not this year though. Latest ever was June.
Julie-I will never forget to look at the pot now! Love it! 100degrees- just the beginning!!!!!!

Aiyana said...

I've tried to like the yellow/pink combo bougainvillea, but of all the colors I've seen they have been my least favorite. I've seen a couple of straight yellow and straight pink that I like though. I never planted any because they do not do especially well here. Too hot.

Pudgeduck said...

Aiyana- I just wanted a change and my neighbor's caught my eye. It matured to a beautiful salmon color!