Saturday, May 2, 2009

Bottle Tree Copy Cat!

I had my husband make this bottle tree after I saw
Aiyana's and just loved it. My tree is modeled after hers, as I like the more southwestern look more than those more suitable for the Midwest. I had the eight foot rebar rod with the rebar arms set in cement and put in place while waiting for the cobalt wine bottles that I won on Ebay. This was my birthday gift, just as it was Aiyana's. I know I'm a copy cat, but I really liked the way it looked in her garden.

My garden is much smaller than hers and I'm not sure if it really belongs here. I hope that the HOA doesn't look my way and send me a letter telling me I have to take it down. I'll just enjoy it while I can and hope for the best. If they complain, I'll just move it to the side yard behind a plant!

I have decided that I won't paint the side block wall the three bright colors that I had picked out. The vine that I planted to help hide the painted wall has been slow growing and after Lowe's couldn't mix the paint color I wanted--the color mix filled it too full after they spilled a gallon of it--I thought maybe I should just rethink my plans. I tend to over-plant, over-do, over react, and then, change my mind!

The first sunflower of the season is always perfect! I have six plants that are about five feet tall, all ready to bloom. The other sunflower seeds from the Great Sunflower Project arrived last month and were planted. They are about four inches tall now. After they bloom I will collect data for the project for as many months that they flower. I will record the bee arrival time for each type bee that visits, and record the temperature at that time. Last year the Project ran out of seeds, and so sent some out too late in the season to plant, but this year they seem to be more organized and hopefully we can get the data needed.


Claude said...

I like that bottle tree... and Aiyana's too... but they're very different from the bottle trees I saw growing up in the midwest... they were almost always an actual tree that had died for some reason, and people just put bottles on either the branch ends, or on long nails driven into the trunk... and if I remember right, the bottles were all different colors. Anyway... Sunflowers are wonderful, but I'm out of room to plant them. I don't know where I'm going to plant the things I've got!

Aiyana said...

Your bottle tree looks good right where it is. I'm glad you copied mine. At least they're "native trees" and not some transplant.
Great first sunflower. Mine have a ways to go--like from seed. They are still not up.

Ashraf shreif said...

Beautiful , and me like it i think copy and make tree in my garden

Farm Chick Paula said...

Love the bottle tree! Hope you can leave it right where it is- it looks great there.

Sunflowers are my favorites- something about them always makes me smile when I see them!

Thanks for stopping by my blog and for the sweet comments... I really enjoyed my visit here today- will be back again soon!

Pudgeduck said...

Claude-I just keep adding things to my small space-Some are left in the containers untill I give them away-

Pudgeduck said...

Ashraf- It will look good in your garden!

Sabrina said...

I love your blog and you too! It always makes me smile when I read your words, because I hear your voice too :)

deedee said...

I want to copy the bottle tree idea from you. What a neat way to add some color to a planter!

Pudgeduck said...

Sabrina- Thanks for visiting my blog. Glad you like it!!