Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Pink and White

Just when I thought that my cactus would never bloom again...these opened this morning! I don't know the name of this one because most of the name tags were lost after the wind blew over a lot of my potted cactus (and destroyed my swing last monsoon), and I never bothered to match up the rest. This is the first time this one has bloomed. There are two more buds left to open!I am soooo happy, it is soooo beautiful!

This is the only one in the stand of rock rose or Oriental poppies. I had one bloom last year also. It looks so delicate, and has the same coloring as the cactus flowers. I love this one as much as the cactus bloom!

A giveaway at the CACCS meeting this past weekend. It's called a Zipper Plant. It is some kind of Euphorbia.

Monadenium Ritchei

I bought this one at the same meeting. We always have a silent auction, but occasionally a vendor brings in a few cacti and succulents for sale. Every month I tell myself that I will not buy, bid, or take any freebies home, and every month I come home with at least two! Same thing happens every Monday when I tell myself that I will start a diet and I don't listen to that one either!


Julie said...

Oh goodness, that cactus blooming is so amazing ly pretty, with the yellow and purple all in there!!! I love your zipper plant! I totally agree with your past paragraph!!! Please consider joining Cactus Monday!!!

Pudgeduck said...

Julie- I am to scattered -anyway I would forget to post on the day.thanks for the invite!

Julie said...

I had to come back to look at this top photo again!!! Just gorgeous! Have a happy Saturday, Pudgeduck! BTW...I am a bored (but full time working person, too)! Wish I could think of some way to really stay entertained!

Farm Chick Paula said...

Oh my goodness.. those blooms are gorgeous!!