Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Pudgeduck's Garden Update

Just one year after planting, my Desert Museum Palo Verde tree has shot up to over 10feet tall and it is now in full bloom. It's also full of bees!

The Bush Morning Glory has blooms for the first time this year. I once tried Mexican Evening Primrose in this spot, but it just didn't grow. The stuff is usually a bit invasive, so when you can't even get it going, let alone to get it to spread, it's frustrating. I do like the Bush Morning Glory though. The spring flowers don't last long, but the plant stays green (actually silvery gray green) all year.

My Queen Victoria Agave will get needed light shade this year from the Palo Verde tree. This is one Agave that can't take a western exposure of the summer sun. I have had this one for over seven years. Since I don't have any of my front yard desert plants on drip irrigation, my plants are slower growing than most. The only pruning I have to do is to keep the palo verde thinned out to keep it from becoming top heavy and prone to toppling in monsoon winds.

This Mexican Bird of Paradise is 13 months old and has tripled in size. It will become a small multi-trunked tree to provide shade to the small courtyard area. It has just began its summer bloom.

My Indian Fig Pricky Pear produced two flowers last year after seventeen years of nothing, and this year it has seven buds. Maybe it just finally reached puberty, or maybe it is what's called a late bloomer!

This Maternity Plant will start soon start draping over the pot (I hope). Aiyana gave me this potted plant after I commented on how I liked hers because it draped over and then up in the pot.

We recently had a couple of days of wonderful soaking rain. April is one of our driest months, and can't wait to see what changes this late rain will bring for the summer!


Claude said...

Did the prickly pear produce fruit last year?

I like the palo verde tree...

Julie said...

I love your Palo Verde tree!!!
Do you eat the fruit from the Indian Fig PP??? The fruit looks so dark. Does it taste differently from other PP's???

Aiyana said...

The Palo Verde is looking good. Great pruning job!

Pudgeduck said...

Claude-I did have the two ,,,
Aiyana- Thanks- I refer to the master gardener hankbook.

Sharon said...

Hello, I came across your Blog when I was researching Palo Verde trees. I feel like I know you after reading many of your posts -- so nice. What time of year did you plant your tree and where in Phoenix is the best place to buy and what suggestion as to size as I know the Museum one grows pretty fast. Thanks, Sharon

Pudgeduck said...

Sharon- I planted the tree in Feb. May is a good month to plant desert trees and plants.I bought mine on the west side- Elgin Nursery and Tree Farm. 8606 W. McDowell Rd Phx.I bought a fifteen gal. Easy to plant and catches up with the larger planted trees the next year!To keep the growth rate slower, I don't water a lot. I love this tree and will post a picture soon!